Wes Peoples Homes

Wes Peoples builds with a commitment to the people and the cities in which he builds. From the bricks and boards of essential construction to managing the financial and operational decisions of an increasingly challenging industry, Wes champions the value of building more sustainable, intelligent, livable communities. His communities and homes incorporate--on a practical, cost effective level that solidly meets the market--many of the best advances in modern home building technology, sustainability, energy efficiency and enlightened community development. Today, Wes is recognized as one of Austin’s visionary homebuilders and innovative residential developers--and one who is squarely committed to the kind of enlightened homebuilding which adds to the authentic vitality, economy and quality of life of homeowners and the city we share. 

3,000 – 5,000 square feet
From the $600s

Be Social

With a fitness center, negative-edge pool, amphitheater, ship store and pavilion overlooking the lake, the Rough Hollow Yacht Club & Marina is an excellent amenity.